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Article from the Times Union, Albany New York, May 9, 2007
reported by Rick Clemenson

Kirtland King, owner of KingBrothers Building & Remodeling, just returned with seven employees from New Orleans, where they volunteered for ongoing reconstruction efforts.

King got his start building time-shares in New Orleans during the late 70's and after attending Mardi Gras there this winter, felt compelled to help after seeing the hurricane damage that remains. He said large swaths of the city are still in "sad" condition.

King Brothers, founded in 1987, specializes in additions, kitches and baths.

King's contingent joined volunteers with Lutheran Disaster Response, a collaborative ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America that is coordinating several reconstruction efforts along the Gulf Coast.

During their weeklong stay, the group hung doors, trimmed windows and baseboards, and installed kitchen cabinets and vanities in two houses in the city. Their work will allow residents who had been living in Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers for 20 months to return to their homes soon.

There is great demand for skilled construction workers to continue the rebuilding efforts, King said. Many homes are gutted and remain boarded up.

He cited one middle class neighborhood in which only eight families out of about 150 have returned.

"Volunteers are doing what they can with demolition and cleanup. The human spirit is out there, but they need help.

"It was a good team-building experience. The shared experience of doing something for somebody in need was special.

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